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Kinderfield Logo
Kinderfield Logo
Kinderfield New Building
Kinderfield 1st Winner Category B - Marching in Harmony 2011
Kinderfield School Performance (1) - Art Festival 2012
Kinderfield School Performance (2) - Art Festival 2012
Kinderfield School Performance (3) - Art Festival 2012


Ms. Aling


Head Of Admission

Ms. Farida


Curriculum Basis

Montessori and Inquiry Based Learning


School Terms / Semester

Term 1 - July to September
Term 2 - October to December
Term 3 - January to March
Term 4 - April to June


Monthly Fee

Rp. 1.000.000 - Rp. 2.000.000


Contact Us

Jl. Raya Duren Sawit Blok H-2 No. 1
Klender, Jakarta Timur 13440

T:(021) 86602510
F:(021) 86602510


Kinderfield is a national plus school that provides high quality education and learning environment in shaping a responsible-to-life generation.


Our Mission :

  1. To provide quality education at an affordable cost
  2. To provide innovative program and curriculum for children from preschool to kindergarten level
  3. To shape the children to be independent and lifelong learners
  4. To build communicative, critical thinker, and caring individuals
  5. To educate the children to become high quality future leaders


Our Classes :
Kiddy 1 : 2-3 Years Old
Kiddy 2 : 3-4 Years Old
Kindergarten A : 4-5 Years Old
Kindergarten B : 5-6 Years Old

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Ilham Ramanda

"Personaly i know this person who develop he is hard worker and the one who you can trust to."

Atik Nur Hasanah Rahmawati

"Congratulation for creating this wonderful website,, I am sure that it will be very useful for us in teaching and learning field,,, Good wishes for the next development ,,May God bless us,,,"